xmpp4js - The HACKING File


The idea of a HACKING file is 'stolen' from the Subversion project, as it's a particularly nice thing to have around. It will be the mother of many more specific topics.

Why build Xmpp4Js from scratch?

There is another Javascript XMPP/BOSH library out there called JSJaC, which as of late has been evolving into a much nicer piece of code. At the time, it simply did not meet my needs because:

  • There could only be one instance.
  • The coding style was aweful and had little to no documentation.
  • There were zero unit tests, and due to the single instance limitation and tight coupling of the code, it was not possible to write them.

Again, some of these issues have been resolved, but Xmpp4Js is mature enough that there is no reason to switch back now.

What about Dojo Cometd (Bayeaux)?

Xmpp4Js is built in such a way that there is room to experiment with that technology. It should be as simple as implementing another Xmpp4Js.Transport. Currently there is no major advantage to switching from BOSH, but scalability concerns in the future may necessitate exploring other avenues including Bayeaux.

About xmpp4js

xmpp4js is an xmpp connection library for Javascript. It is written with a heavy emphasis on resuability and extensibility, and is naturally heavilly tested.

About Xmpp4Js

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