xmpp4js - Creating a BOSH Environment

Creating a BOSH Environment

There are three popular BOSH server implementations:

  1. Openfire HTTP Binding (built-in)
  2. JabberHTTPBind Servlet
  3. ejbabberd HTTP Binding (built-in)

Each has its own difficulties, mostly related to XEP-0124's inherent shortcoming, which is that it is bound by the same-origin policy. The easiest way to avoid that with zero configuration was to bundle the Soashable web application with the JabberHTTPBind servlet. I can not speak for its ability or inability to scale, as I have not conducted any type of benchmark on any of the three solutions.

In order to use another solution, you must proxy HTTP requests to /http-bind/ to another application server. This could be done using:

  1. Apache's mod_proxy
  2. Squid (or another transparent proxy)

I'd love to hear peoples' experiences with any of these configurations. I'd also like to post some step-by-step instructions, but don't feel it's worth my time at this point.

2. JabberHTTPBind Servlet

Assuming you are creating a Java WAR project, this is the quickest way to get started. The servlet is available from http://zeank.in-berlin.de/jhb/ , and can be added to your web application as any servlet would.

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